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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2020, Vol. 6, Issue 3, Part B

India of my dreams [Towards sustainability]

Shivangi Sharma

The present study entitled India of My Dreams, Towards Sustainability is based upon a picture of a Vedic sustainable life. My main objective is to take India towards the same Vedic essence where we treated the earth, cow and the ganga as our mother, where AUM is the root cause of all the meditations, where the sustenance is based upon agriculture, where yagya performed to purify the air and where there is no technology but still they were prosperous and happy. Vedic life is full of sustainability, by the praises of the earth, sun, moon, varuna, Indra, vanaspati they are giving the inspiration to worship and protect them-
यथा सूर्यश्च चन्द्रश्च विभीतो विभीतो रिष्यतः एवा मे प्राण मा विभे।
That is May we all do our work just like the sun and the moon without any fear. Also we follow the path of welfare similarly as the sun and the moon2
For them nature was the only key to success. And this kind of sustainability is India’s biggest need today. If we are trying to reduce the pollution, beat climate change and dealing other environment problems we should keep this in our mind that vedic lifestyle is the only solution. Therefore, we should lead a balanced life with nature and adopt the principles of Vedic ways
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International Journal of Sanskrit Research
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