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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2023, Vol. 9, Issue 2, Part A

The Metaphysical Concept of Dravya in Jaina Philosophy

Dr. Saritha T. P.

Jainism is regarded as a non Vedic system of Indian philosophical thought. Even them they believe that it has fortuned since the Vedic ages Rsabhadeva is remarked as the first teachers of Jainism. The teachers of Jainism were also called Tirtankaras. Jainism represents the ideology of with a philosophy and religion of India. The identity fourth prophet was Vardhamana or Mahavira.Jainism regard Mahavira as the founder of Jainism as a religion.Many philosophers have recognized the scientific nature of Jaina philosophy. Its important teachings are developed in scientific relation. In fact, the Jaina system of thought is so wonderfully consistory with modern realism and science.The concept of Dravya, the central theme in Jaina metaphysics is attached historically to the conception of scientific knowledge as the discovery of the essential nature or the real definitions of the various natural kinds of entity existing in the Universe in this paper humble a attempt is made to disclose the nature and definition of the Dravya with metaphysical view point.
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Dr. Saritha T. P.. The Metaphysical Concept of Dravya in Jaina Philosophy. Int J Sanskrit Res 2023;9(2):13-17.

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