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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2023, Vol. 9, Issue 1, Part B

The legal system in India: A historic perspective

Dr. Gantepaka Srinu and Dr. JVN Mallikarjuna

The term ‘law’ means any set or uniform principle which is generally followed. Broadly speaking, laws operate everywhere in the universe. The Common Law system is one of the three major types of legal systems in the world. The other two are Civil Law (based on Codes) and Religious Law (based on Religious Texts). Kauṭilyan civil law like Dharmaśāstra, similarly Kauṭilya's criminal law such as Kantakashodhana while Kauṭilya in addition to it devoted no less than thirteen sub-chapters (in the Arthaśāstra) indicating the types of crimes and equivalent types of punishments against such crimes Kauṭilya appears to be more advanced than determining the civil and criminal laws for the use of the king and the state. A salient feature of ancient Indian law in these times was that it was secular, though it varied from kingdom to kingdom. To implement and enforce the law and provide services to the public, a Government's bureaucracy, the military and police are vital. While all these branches are created and bound by law, an independent legal profession and a vibrant civil society inform and support their progress. Today law is a practice that is dependent on specialization. This has resulted in the birth of specializations such as areas of securities transactions, intellectual property law, insurance, cyber law
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Dr. Gantepaka Srinu, Dr. JVN Mallikarjuna. The legal system in India: A historic perspective. Int J Sanskrit Res 2023;9(1):73-75.
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