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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2023, Vol. 9, Issue 1, Part A

Sāmānādhikaraṇyam: Some perspectives

Dr. S Usha

Sāmānādhikaraṇyam (co-ordinate predication), which is fundamentally a grammatical concept, has come to attain significant attention from the Vedāntin-s. It is because there is a need for them to determine the meanings of the Śruti passages involving Sāmānādhikaraṇyam to establish their philosophy. While applying Sāmānādhikaraṇyam, it is evident that it got evolved in several ways in different schools of philosophy based on their needs. The present paper seeks to brief the concept as evolved in the various schools and to assess them.
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Dr. S Usha. Sāmānādhikaraṇyam: Some perspectives. Int J Sanskrit Res 2023;9(1):27-30. DOI: 10.22271/23947519.2023.v9.i1a.1958

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