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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2022, Vol. 8, Issue 4, Part D

Yoga: A system of Indian philosophy

Dr. Jyoti Kumari

India is a treasure trove of all knowledge. As far as Philosophy is concerned Indian philosophy system is one of the oldest systems in the world. Yoga philosophy discusses how to practice spiritual union of the individual soul with the supreme soul. Yoga is a spiritual effort to attain perfection through the control of sense organs, gross body, subtle mind, intellect and ego. Acharya Patanjali is the founder of this school. He explained Yoga as the process to unite body, mind and soul.He considered it as a mean of achieving freedom or mukti.
Yoga is one of the most dynamic systems of Indian philosophy. As mentioned above it is in orthodox (aastik) school. Now today’s world accepts the yoga as a way of living. Modern world defines yoga as postures, energy and breathe control, meditation, music, philosophy and other approaches. Yoga refers to the goal, unity and harmony with oneself and others, but also to the methods by which that goal is achieved. In a broader sense, yoga is a lifestyle that involves practicing awareness and achieving harmony using a variety of methods. In this regard Yoga is one of the richest systems in the history of Indian philosophy.
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International Journal of Sanskrit Research
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