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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2022, Vol. 8, Issue 4, Part B

Dramaturgy in ancient Sanskrit literatures

Dr. Dilip Kumar Panda

Whatever has been written in the classical texts on dramatization, it has been introduced or presented in the beginning under the “Natya Sahitya’’. In Indian life, the impact of the use of theatrical art has also been highlighted in its place on the generality. From this point of view, the existence and importance of theatrical art is easily explained. If the vast volume of Sanskrit is cultivated from this point of view, then from the Vedic period to the present, the impression of theatrical art is inscribed on the representative compositions of all the ages. Along with being an important and independent form of literature, the theatre has entered various fields of literature and has presented an example of its popularity and greatness. The area of influence and spread of theatrical arts in literature is very wide.
It can be an independent subject in itself. Without going into that much detail, only some of the major works have been considered here. These works not only give knowledge of the vastness of theatrical arts, but it also shows how much utility it had in practical terms. So in my dissertation I have discussed the books in which many people are skeptical about the discussion of dramaturgy.
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International Journal of Sanskrit Research
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Dr. Dilip Kumar Panda. Dramaturgy in ancient Sanskrit literatures. Int J Sanskrit Res 2022;8(4):91-94.

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