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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2022, Vol. 8, Issue 3, Part D

Environmental awareness in Kālidāsa's lyric poems

Paromita Biswas

Existence of human being depends upon into environment. Environment includes air, water, land, animals, birds, insects, trees, flowers, fruits and human being etc. during the growth and destruction of human beings, we not only come into contact with these environmental elements but also, we have to go through the influences and impact created by these environmental substances in our way of life. In my article, concentrating on particular portion of Sanskrit Literature, that is the literature of the famous poet Kālidāsa. His awareness for environment is revealed in his treatment of nature in his Lyrical Works like ‘Meghadūtam’ and ‘Ṛtusamhāram’. In ‘Ṛtusamhāram’, the relationship between environment of different seasons and human life has been suggested and through this attempt Kālidāsa’s thought and consciousness in respect of environment have taken shape. In the ‘Meghadūtam’, nature plays very significant role, the poet with his attempt to associate nature with living beings, has drawn the picture of the cloud as if to be fit for carrying Yaksha’s message.
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Paromita Biswas. Environmental awareness in Kālidāsa's lyric poems. Int J Sanskrit Res 2022;8(3):200-202.

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