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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2022, Vol. 8, Issue 3, Part B

The institution of state: As described in mahabharata

Dr. Priyanka Pandey

As regards the answer to the question, ‘which is the greatest literary creation in human history’, Unequivocal answer is: the great Indian Epic Mahabharata composed according to ancient Indian texts by the great sage and scholar Vyasadeva. The epic touches upon all aspects of human life, the complexities of human relations embracing all the conceivable strata of the society, the multifarious dimensions of clashes and contradictions & intricacies of the economical political issues, the objectives and modus operandi of a welfare oriented state ensuring growth, equity and justice - in a nutshell, the essence of human knowledge embedded in all the ancient Indian texts on religion, laws, statecraft, economics and extra-mundane philosophy. Its comprehensive character has been duly expressed in the epic verse, “What is here found here may be found elsewhere, but what is not found in it cannot be found anywhere.” It throws abundant light on the specific character of the ancient Indian society and furnishes facts and circumstances hardly available from any other sources.
In the epic various social institutions are elaborately described which are responsible for regulating the social life of the man and playing the important role in maintaining peace and order in the society. A developed social life is possible only if there are well organised social institutions these institutions are Education, Marriage, Family and State etc. Among these Institutions State is the most prominent Institution. In the present paper the most focus will be to describe the institution of state, how it functions and what are the goals of the state for the society.
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Dr. Priyanka Pandey. The institution of state: As described in mahabharata. Int J Sanskrit Res 2022;8(3):83-86.
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