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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2022, Vol. 8, Issue 2, Part B

Horticultural practices based on brihatsamhita

Sabita Dash

India is a nation having rich knowledge regarding its traditional methods of agriculture. Ancient Indian text such as Varahamihira’s Brihatsamhita provides indigenous knowledge. It contains a chapter called ‘Vrksayrveda’ mainly deals with horticulture. It has given importance on gardening and water tanks. Regarding nutritional care, it has fully organic and time tested methods to deal with entire plant life. It has also described various grafting techniques. Vrksayurveda has also recommended planting distances for trees. Just as the human body plants are also affected by various diseases so treatment of these diseases of plants i.e. phytopthology can be studied in Vrksayrveda following the knowledge of factors, symptoms of affected plant and treatment protocol. Treatment of seeds is highly essential to prevent infections, pest attacks and for quicker germination. Vrksayurveda describes various practices of sowing seeds, instant sprouting and fruting. In the presence study, various horticultural practices based on Brihatsamhita are discussed.
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Sabita Dash. Horticultural practices based on brihatsamhita. Int J Sanskrit Res 2022;8(2):96-99. DOI: 10.22271/23947519.2022.v8.i2b.1681
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