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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2021, Vol. 7, Issue 1, Part B

The values of life as reflected in Rigveda

Shyamal Shubha Bhanja Pandit

‘Veda’ is the ancient religious book of Hinduism. The whole vedic literature presents enriched Cultural heritage of ancient India. All the Vedas consists of Saṃhitā, Brāhmana, Āranyakas and Upanishads. Rigveda is the oldest among them. Ṛk-means verses, Rigveda consists samhitā Brahmaṇā Ārayaṇakas and Upanishads. Rigveda Samhitā is collection of hymns in its ten mandalas. These hymns are offered to the different Gods (deities) in such beautiful manner (Though some hymns are non religious). Through their prayers the sages gave us an important lesson about the true values of our social life, care for the mother earth, they gave us the message of peace. These all are important for us in this modern era also, when human moral values of life. Through this discussion I want to reveal this.
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Shyamal Shubha Bhanja Pandit. The values of life as reflected in Rigveda. Int J Sanskrit Res 2021;7(1):69-71.

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