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International Journal of Sanskrit Research
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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2020, Vol. 6, Issue 5, Part E

A study of problems faced by secondary school students in Sanskrit language

Dr. Priti Chaudhari and Samita Chaudhari

India is a multicultural and multilingual country. Sanskrit is said to be one of the systematic language with few exception and clear rules discretion. The word `Sanskrit' means prepared, pure, refined or prefect. It was not for nothing that it was called the `devavani' (language of the Gods). Even NEP (2020) emphasized that sanskrit will be “mainstreamed” with strong offerings in school - including as one of the language options in the three-language formula - as well as in higher education. Sanskrit Universities too will move towards becoming large multidisciplinary institutions of higher learning. The present study was conducted on problems faced by ninth standard student in reading, writing, speaking, grammer, translation and curriculum of sanskrit language. The study was conducted using survey method. The sampling method used was random lottery method, ten secondary schools were selected from Mangrol taluka and twenty five students from each school means total two hundred and fifty constituted the sample of the study. The data analysis was done using percentage. The findings of the study revealed that the most of the students find difficult translation in sanskrit language while the average number of students had reported that it is difficult to speak in pure sanskrit language, they do not have interest in learning sanskrit, sanskrit language is difficult to understand, sanskrit grammer is difficult to learn and sanskrit textbook does not have enough information related to sanskrit grammer. The average numbers of students revealed that grammer should be taught by giving more number of easy examples from day to day life and teacher should provide more practice in reading, writing and speaking in sanskrit language in classroom teaching-learning process.
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International Journal of Sanskrit Research
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Dr. Priti Chaudhari, Samita Chaudhari. A study of problems faced by secondary school students in Sanskrit language. Int J Sanskrit Res 2020;6(5):279-282.

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International Journal of Sanskrit Research
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