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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2020, Vol. 6, Issue 3, Part A

Environmental awareness in ancient sanskrit literature and sustainable development

Dr. Binima Buzarbaruah

The sustainable development is the development where the quality of human life is upgraded without degrading the environment. Every generation of human being has the right to have the benefit from the past generation and also has the obligation to preserve cultural and natural heritage. With the planning of development of a nation, side by side proper care should be taken to preserve the natural resources and also to save the environment. In ancient India people were very much conscious for the protection of environment and there was a very cordial relationship between man and environment. The evidence of this can be noticed in different scriptures like Vedas, epics, Purāṇas etc. During that time, different natural objects like the earth, trees and animals had got a special position. Those were shown proper respect and so, it was not so easy to harm the elements of nature. The ancient people were very much concerned also for the purity of air and water. Thus, the awareness shown by the ancient people for environmental protection was very significant and in today’s circumstances if with such awareness the development activities can be continued, then only the theory of sustainable development will be successful.
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Dr. Binima Buzarbaruah. Environmental awareness in ancient sanskrit literature and sustainable development. Int J Sanskrit Res 2020;6(3):25-27.

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