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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2019, Vol. 5, Issue 6, Part B

Astounding life and literary contributions of sage vidyaranya

Dr. R Suresha

The paradox of Indian history is, it was invaded and enslaved by the foes for around two millenniums despite having rich cultural heritage, tremendous natural resources, high philosophical thoughts, unbroken lineage of traditional wisdom, host of thinkers, revolutionaries, philosophers, social reformers and so on. At the same time it is also true that, but for these social reformers, India would not have witnessed political freedom. In this context, the contributions of Sage Vidyaranyaare conspicuous. The Srirangam Inscription refers to him as AparamivaShankaracharya i.e. Shankaracharya Incarnate. This single reference speaks volumes about his literary accomplishments. He was born to Mayana and Srimati in Pampakshetra (modern-day Hampi) in 1268 CE. Another account has it that he was born in EkasilaNagari (modern-day Warangal). He was known as Madhava / Madhavacharya in his early days before he took to the Holy Order of Asceticism. He was a BharadwajaGotra (spiritual lineage), Bodhayana Sutra, YajusShakha, Smarta Brahmin. Veda commentator Sri Sayanacharya and poet Bhoganatha were his brothers. All his personal details are available in the beginning of his work, Parashara-Madhaviyam. Sage Vidyaranya’s literary contributions comprise works on Vyakarana, Mimamsa, Smriti, Purana, Astronomy/Astrology, Mantra Shastra, Music, Darshana and Advaita Vedanta. The more important of them are Jaiminiya Nyayamala, ParasharaSmriti Vyakhyana, SmritiSangraha, Vyavahara Madhava, Sri Vidyatirtha Dipika, Vivaranaprameya Sangraha, Panchadashi, Jivanmukti Viveka, Drig Drishya Viveka, Aparokshanubhuti Tika, and Six Upanishad-Dipikas. Of these, Panchadashi is an important work in Advaita Vedanta, so called because of its division into fifteen chapters, dealing with topics of metaphysical and spiritual importance. In the Brhadaranyavartikasara, Sage Vidyaranyasummarises Sage Sureshwaracharya’s work. Dipikas on Aitareya and Taittiriya Upanishads and Sage Shankara’s summary of the twelve principal Upanishads, are also attributed to Sri Vidyaranya. Madhaviya Shankara Vijaya is the work of Sage Vidyaranya. Because of its high poetic merit and objectivity, it is considered the best for recitation during Shankara Jayanti. Drigdrishya Viveka is considered a combined work of Sri Vidyaranya and His predecessor, Sri Bharati Krishna Tirtha. The works of the two Jagadgurus are among the greatest treatises in post-Shankara Advaita literature and both of them occupy a unique place in the history of religion
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International Journal of Sanskrit Research
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