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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2019, Vol. 5, Issue 6, Part A

Women as lifeline of ancient Indian sustainability

Dr. R Suresha

The Veda-s have given pride of place to women in all walks of life. Vedic vision about women can be vividly understood in all the mantra-s which are chiefly concerned with the goddesses. It becomes clear that the Veda-s did not consider women as a means for pleasure. Women, according to the Veda-s, are none other than mothers. Motherly attitude of women is highlighted and lauded in the Veda-s. Basically, a girl has got two options in her life i.e. Brahmavādini and Sadyovadhu. The life as Brahmavādini is meant to be spent in search of truth. She has to engage herself in self-study and teaching of spiritual treatises, performance of austerities, meditation and so on. She has to lead her life in practicing celibacy. The unmarried stage is not considered as Brahmavādini or ṛṣikā. But she has to find happiness in internal and spiritual growth which takes place with regular and rigorous austerities. Moreover, she should also stay in such an ambience which supports her aim. The second pathway is to become Sadyovadhu - married woman. In this kind of life, women are expected to discharge their homely responsibilities.
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Dr. R Suresha. Women as lifeline of ancient Indian sustainability. Int J Sanskrit Res 2019;5(6):39-41.

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