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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2019, Vol. 5, Issue 4, Part E

Place of women in the Bhavabhūi’s Mālatīmādhava

Dr. Ranjan Borthakur

The position of women in a society is an accurate index of the development of that society. Many societies boast that position of women in their respective societies has been respectable, dignified or high but women suffer from one kind of discrimination or other everywhere and every time. It is true that the progress of a country can be gauged to a great extent by the advancement in the status of its womenfolk, as they form the vital part of the society. To understand the spirit of a civilization and to appreciate its excellences and to visualise its limitations is to study the history of the position and status of women. Women’s role and function in society were largely dependent on that of men in realistic terms in majority of cultures.
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Dr. Ranjan Borthakur. Place of women in the Bhavabhūi’s Mālatīmādhava. Int J Sanskrit Res 2019;5(4):292-294.

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