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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2019, Vol. 5, Issue 3, Part C

An analysis of the social condition of women as depicted in Ikṣugandhā

Mridusmita Bharadwaj

Literature reflects society with its all aspects. Indian society is very rich because it’s belonging to distant past of human civilization. From the time immemorial, Sanskrit literature reflects the Indian culture. With due course of time, Sanskrit poets have been composed literary works and providing us the knowledge of change with regard to its theme and style. A literary piece is powerful enough to make an influence on society and likewise, society is capable enough to produce literature.
Sanskrit scholars have begun to publish literary works with new skills and ideas, delivering the situations of present day society. In 20th century, so many Sanskrit short stories are composed by several authors. Abhiraja Rajendra Mishra’s Sanskrit story book Ikṣugandhā deals with different socio-cultural aspects of modern Indian society. This paper attempts to portray the condition of women in the present day society as depicted in the stories of Ikṣugandhā. The present paper focuses on the various social barriers faced by the women of contemporary period also. The effort has been made to exhibit the persistency of Sanskrit literature with the contemporary society.
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Mridusmita Bharadwaj. An analysis of the social condition of women as depicted in Ikṣugandhā. Int J Sanskrit Res 2019;5(3):120-122.

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