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International Journal of Sanskrit Research
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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2018, Vol. 4, Issue 5, Part C

Nomenclature of astrologer: A judicious review at par with Samhitas

Dr. P Radhakrishnan

The nomenclature of Astrologer and his qualities are well illustrated with various Fundamental Astrology Texts. The research in question is whether an Astrologer can meet all the standards and countenances covered in the Astrological Chronicles. Currently, Astrology has been categorized as occult science and it attracts bitter criticism among the Public and Medias; challenging scientific substantiation. Astrology exists as a proto-science comprising of numerous events with experiential in nature. The Astrologers are elucidated as soothsayers and their services are widely disregarded with its substance and accuracy. Confronting acrimonious criticism from a large group of rational scientists; it has been progressively grown towards finest and elitist ‘Vedic Astrology’ and its linear service providers in the world amplified with a network of a hundreds of Vedic scholars, Astrologers, Priests and Instigators all over the world. Meanwhile, it is believed that the average longevity of Astrologer is insufficient to cover up the comprehensive knowledge of Jyothisastra as substantiated in Horas and Samhitas. Uplifting Astrologers from the present parsimonious backdrop of academic support, integrated research and rational challenges are needs to be reviewed in terms of apparent credibility. Forecasting the future incidents and investigating its preponderance of possibilities remains substantial as query that can never be answered by any other perceptible sciences than astrology. This research examines the possibility of validation of empirical knowledge of the Astrologer at par with the versifications designated in the Magnum Opus and benchmarking his prerequisites while rendering public service impeccably. Measuring standards of practical knowledge and scholastic capacity of archetype Astrologer is unhealthy practice in view of systematic complexities. The community of Astrologers has passed through several generations and their findings on human affairs and their heuristic knowledge perspective remain un-updated. The best compatible resolution rest with learned Astrologer is the augmentation of maximum scholastic capacity to acquire hypothetical objectives with more accuracy so as to safeguard the utmost satisfaction of the clientele in terms of Universal Welfare.
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International Journal of Sanskrit Research
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Dr. P Radhakrishnan. Nomenclature of astrologer: A judicious review at par with Samhitas. Int J Sanskrit Res 2018;4(5):143-149.

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International Journal of Sanskrit Research
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