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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2018, Vol. 4, Issue 3, Part C

Understanding the attributes and associations of obesity with reference to some of the ancient yoga texts

PB Rshikesan and Pailoor Subramanya

Background: Problem of obesity is rapidly growing worldwide. Obesity is the prime cause for several non-communicable diseases. It is a multi-factorial disease and the treatment in the modern medicine has many side effects. Hence more research is desired for prevention and control of obesity within the complementary and alternative systems of medicine.
Aim: To find out the references of obesity in the ancient Indian yoga texts.
Materials and Methods: There are various symptoms attributes and associations for obesity. These were compiled and checked for their descriptions and references at different contexts in ancient yoga texts. Ancient yoga texts like Jäbäladarçanopaniñad Çvetaçvetaropanisad Haöhayogapradépika Patanjali yoga sutra were referred.The associations and attributes of obesity were interpreted with reference to recent studies.
Results: Obesity is recognized and addressed in several ancient yoga texts directly or indirectly.
Conclusion: Attributes and associations of Obesity can be seen in several ancient yoga texts, such as Jäbäladarçanopaniñad Çvetaçvetaropanisad Haöhayogapradépika and Patanjali yoga sutra. In yoga practice there is an integrated approach considering body and mind together, and treatment of disease is from its root. The probable reason of recent obesity increase can be interpreted in light of living away from nature, Ähära Vihära Viçränti triangle, and urbanization. These pointers may lead to new lines of research on integrated aspects of yoga, for management of obesity.
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PB Rshikesan, Pailoor Subramanya. Understanding the attributes and associations of obesity with reference to some of the ancient yoga texts. Int J Sanskrit Res 2018;4(3):139-145.

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