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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2018, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part A

Most of the child characters of Sanskrit drama are heroic

Dr. Santigopal Das

Drama is an affluent part of Sanskrit literature. The Centre characters of Sanskrit Drama are basically Hero and Heroine. All the dramatic events are rotate depending upon Hero and Heroine. Usually the other characters remain unimportant and secondary. In the Dramas like Abhijnanasakuntalam, Swapnavasavadattam, Vikramorvosiyam etc. heroines are the main characters.The other characters remain secondary. Sometimes, the other characters play important role to bring motion in Drama. Their short presences make drama dignified and shining. Like such secondary characters an important mentioning character is child character. Sometimes the child characters seem unimportant. But sometimes we find all the events of drama rotate on child characters. For example – Bhasa’s drama ‘Valacharitam’ presents the childish behaviors and heroic activities of Sri Krishna. Again in Kalidasa’s ‘Abhijnanasakuntalam’ the short present of Sarvadamana or Varata plays a very important role and also this child character works as ‘Abhijnana’ to reconcile Dusyanta and Sakuntala. Thereafter, in the drama ‘Vikramorvosiyam’ we see very little presence of Ayu, the son of Pururava. But his sort presence reveals his bravery and childlike activities. As example, we see his deep concern when he utters – ‘if, I find myself happy to hear that he is my father and I am his son, they who brought up by their parents, are so lucky and will feel deep attachment to their parents. Again Vavabhuti’s drama ‘Uttararamacharita’ displays – bravery, heroic acts, ego, self-confidence and also childlike innocence of Lava and Kusa. They become very important in this drama. In the sixth act of Sudraka’s ‘Mricchakatikam’, Charudatta’s child son Rohasena becomes shining by the keen intelligence of the writer and takes important role to name the drama. Rajasekhara painted the childhood days and many important brave childhood events of Rama and Laksmana in his drama ‘ValaRamayanam’. Beside these we can mention Dingnaga’s Kundamala etc. There are so many child characters here and there in Sanskrit dramas.
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International Journal of Sanskrit Research
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