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International Journal of Sanskrit Research
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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2018, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part B

An indic-hungarian reconstruction

Frank J Sandor

The purpose of this paper is to prove conclusively that Hungarian and by extension all Uralic languages are not a group of languages developed in isolation of other languages but are instead a unique branch of Indo-Aryan. This was made possible by recognizing that Latin, not Slavic or German, was the source of most Hungarian loans, and then extending the same pattern of reduction observed occurring with Latin words to Sanskrit words. All of the required consonant sound changes are identified, as well as the major steps necessary for a complete reconstruction of the transition from Sanskrit to Hungarian. To support the identified processes of change, a complete Holman list is presented. An additional 2,000 Indic-Hungarian words were reconstructed to rule out random chance as the source of the identified sound changes, but are not included in this paper. Some of those Indic-Hungarian words are already the subject of controversy, so they will be explained in more detail. And finally, from this Indic-Hungarian reconstruction, the meaning of the Hungarian self- reference Magyar is identified. Only Hungarian is discussed in this paper.
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Frank J Sandor. An indic-hungarian reconstruction. Int J Sanskrit Res 2018;4(1):94-100.

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