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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2017, Vol. 3, Issue 4, Part B

Understanding Consciousness in Yoga Darśana and Modern Science

Dr. Anita Swami

The concept of consciousness has been the focal point of all kinds of debate, discussion and creating conceptual framework regarding the nature of human being, universe, and relationship between them and so on in Indian knowledge traditions. Regarding the cause of this universe there are some fundamental and philosophical questions like: 1. Is this Universe REAL or UNREAL. 2. If this Universe is REAL than what is the cause or foundation of the Universe 3. Does this Universe come into existence from MATERIAL REALITY or CONSCIOUSNESS? All these Questions or Quests have been raised right from the Ṛgvedic period. In ancient time our seers (Ṛṣis) addressed all these questions and declared consciousness as a key factor which plays a very important role in consolidating the material as well as the instrumental cause for the creation of macro-micro entities. In MODERN TIME Scientists are also trying to address the same questions to resolve their problems which are faced during their experiments. When I gone through the Yoga Philosophy and Modern Science, I realized that there are some parallels between them. The basis of exploring these parallels is the statements made by Scientists as well as Yoga Philosophers. In the first part of my paper, I have discussed the Nature of Consciousness and its Role in Creation Process as explained by Yoga Philosophers and in the second part I have discussed that how the CONSCIOUSNESS plays a very important role in the cognitive process as accepted by YOGA PHILOSOPHERS and MODERN SCIENTIESTS
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Dr. Anita Swami. Understanding Consciousness in Yoga Darśana and Modern Science. Int J Sanskrit Res 2017;3(4):85-90.

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