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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2017, Vol. 3, Issue 3, Part G

Reading the signs of eco-philosophy in Upanishads

Dr. PS Sreevidya

Today the world facing unprecedented set of ecological issues and it can result in major consequences for everyone’s daily life. The ecological issues have been seen as a challenge for human self understanding. So it is high time for the people to re-appraise the ecological wisdom of Upanishads. All living beings and non living entities of the universe or the nature itself are sacred. It is the ecological view of Upanishads. Most of the Upanishads are the full of stories that treat plants and animals as divine. The Upanishadic seers believe in the sanctity of life and even trees, rivers and mountains are believed to have souls. These communities carry out this conservation oriented practices not as environmental acts but rather as expressions of dharma. All these signs are shed light on the crucial lesions of eco-philosophy, which is recent addition to the philosophic vocabulary. This new world view emphasizes the unique, precious and sacred nature of our planet. The central concept of eco-philosophy is the world as sanctuary an alternative to world as machine.
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Dr. PS Sreevidya. Reading the signs of eco-philosophy in Upanishads. Int J Sanskrit Res 2017;3(3):406-408.

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