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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2017, Vol. 3, Issue 3, Part E

The creative form of Vaidic Water and Its Importance


The Vedas are considered to be the world’s oldest knowledge treasure and this undeniable truth has been accepted by all. In Indian intellectual tradition vedas are considered as the primary source of all knowledge and sciences of the world. Vedas are even required today for the progress of A̅dhibhautika, A̅dhidaivika and A̅dhy a̅tmika values. In Nirukta acharya Ya̅ska states that – the work becomes successful when it is perform with vedic mantras – “पुरूषविद्यानित्यत्िात्कर्मसम्पनतर्मन्त्रो िेदे ।’’ 1 The vedas from its origin are so much important that all knowledge and science related references and proofs are taken from vedas. As Bhartṛhari says – “स्र्तृ यो बहुरूपाश्च दृष्टादृष्टप्रयोजिााः। तर्ेिाश्रित्य लिङ्गेभ्यो िेदविनभाः प्रकल्पपतााः।” 2 According to Bhartṛihari, the evidence of visible and invisible śruties are based on vedas. Not only śruties but philosophical proofs are also related to vedas, as Bhartṛhari says – “तस्यार्मिादरूपाणि निश्रितााः स्िविकपपजााः । एकल्त्ििाां द्िैनतिाां च प्रिादा बहुधा र्तााः ॥” 3 The language of veda is indirect, suggestive, symbolic and metaphorical and full of figures of speech. So in veda, so many words have been used for water, as- Arṇḥ, Kshodyaḥ, Kshadyaḥ, Salilam, extras. On quality basis these names have been given. As we know the physical form of water in our day to day life but water has a different form also which is philosophical and called A̅paḥ.
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Astha. The creative form of Vaidic Water and Its Importance. Int J Sanskrit Res 2017;3(3):274-277.

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