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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2017, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part B

Delineation of rasa in the Má¾¹LATá¿™Má¾¹DHAVA

Jintu Moni Dutta

Drama is regarded by Bharata as the art of reproduction by imitation (avāsthanukṛtiṁ nāṭyam) in other sense where the whole universe is represented by suitable actions. The Sanskrit dramatist allowed their imagination and fine histrionic sense to influence, flesh and blood into skeletons and who translated formulas into lively forms of beauty. For this purpose dramatist employed various dramatic elements like sentiment (rasa), quality (guṇa), rhetoric (alaṁkāra), style (rīti), metre (chanda) in their dramatic compositions. With such sort of elements and combining with fertile imagination Bhavabhūti, the greatest Sanskrit dramatist composes Mālatiīmādhava, a prakaraṇa. Hence, in this paper an attempt is being made to analyse the delineation of various sentiments in the Mālatīmādhava.
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Jintu Moni Dutta. Delineation of rasa in the Má¾¹LATá¿™Má¾¹DHAVA. Int J Sanskrit Res 2017;3(2):62-65.

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