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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2016, Vol. 2, Issue 4, Part B

Time of initial query in Devaprashna - An analytical study in astrology

Radhakrishnan P

Time is the essential factor of Horasastra covering benefic and malefic consequences depends upon mental and physical state of both Querier and the Astrologer. The place of query, body posture, first word pronounced, touch of body part, movements, momentary omens, vision, direction, dress code and the mental enigma, breath movement and physical state of the Querier becomes conclusive to predict the results. Both the Daivajna and the Inquirer are the mutual beneficiaries to contribute ultimate results of Devaprashna. Momentary omens at the time of query are becoming instrumental while spontaneous natural effects occurring constantly. In Kaliyuga, maintaining all the specified rules of Astrology or befalling a propitious moment of Query with zero defects is seemingly scanty. On this pretext, the paper generalize with a moderate approach and substantiate that spontaneous incidents happening at providential occasion will shower all the benefits and benedictions to the Querier. If a Layman put Query at a vulnerable situation with due respect and dedication that will be superlative while approaching the Learned for a Momentary Prashna or Devaprashna for seeking impeccable results.
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Radhakrishnan P. Time of initial query in Devaprashna - An analytical study in astrology. Int J Sanskrit Res 2016;2(4):103-107.

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