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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2016, Vol. 2, Issue 4, Part A

Cognitive Science and Experience of Yoga (As an evidence of motion from finitude to infinitum)

Dr. Surabhi Verma

These days when we are again turning towards the rich source of yoga as a means of getting rid of the pains of many diseases and to live a happy life, we have to be conscious of understanding and establishing the real goal of yoga. Yoga does not simply denote some Āsanas which are useful for health, but it also has a wider and ultimate goal. This is the reason that the thought of Indian Philosophy establishes ‘trividha tāpa mukti’ (to be free from the all the three kinds of pain- ādhidaivika, ādhibhautika and ādhyātmika. The creation is not just an emergence of random bubbles; rather it is highly systematic expression of the consciousness into the diverse forms. Human Consciousness is an expression of that Pure Consciousness which takes its shape in the process of manifestation. It is the most miraculous and scientific fact that Human Consciousness uses its intellect to attain the discriminative knowledge between intellect and consciousness. The path through which Human Consciousness realises its original form of Pure Consciousness and achieves it, is called as Yoga. This path is just the reversal of manifestation. To understand the process of manifestation and dissolution, Indian Philosophy puts forwards the Reflection Theory related with citi and citta. We have to understand the stages of citta in order to understand the reversal of Human Consciousness. This paper will highlight this yogic journey of Human Consciousness to achieve its ultimate goal in the light of Cognitive Science as laid down by Indian Philosophy and present Yoga as a strong evidence of reversal of consciousness, traversing the path of finite to infinite; gross to subtle and limited to grand.
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Dr. Surabhi Verma. Cognitive Science and Experience of Yoga (As an evidence of motion from finitude to infinitum). Int J Sanskrit Res 2016;2(4):12-17.

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