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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2015, Vol. 1, Issue 4, Part A

Pāṇini’s View On Verbal-Cognition (Śābdabodha)


Since vyakāraṇaṁ is considered to be fundamental of any piece of literature, in terms of offering an exploded view of śabda and through that deducing the real meaning or intension of the poet, one should in the first place to take the help of the system and there too preferably the one compiled by pāṇini. It is a well known fact that Pāṇinian system analyses language levels i.e. pada, varṇa, vākya and mahākāvya. The term śābdabodha (verbal cognition) has been popular throughout Indian tradition and is generally used to refer to the “exact meaning” of a word and sentence.
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Dr. SVBKV GUPTA. Pāṇini’s View On Verbal-Cognition (Śābdabodha). Int J Sanskrit Res 2015;1(4):110-113.

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