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International Journal of Sanskrit Research
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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2019, Vol. 5, Issue 6, Part A
Applicability of samskrta vyakarana in readiing ayurveda samhita

Dr. Madhumalathi BV, Dr. VA Chate and Dr. Shreevatsa

Reading the classical literatures in their original form is always better than going through their translations. Translations of classical literatures to other languages may not effectively convey the original meaning to the reader. Since most of the classical Ayurveda literatures are written in devanagari script and Sanskrit language, the basic knowledge about Samskrta grammar is an essential requisite to understand the samhitha better. In recent times, samskrta is neglected as a language of communication completely and is given least importance as a learning language at schools. Most of the students enter without prior knowledge of samskrta to learn Ayurveda; often students choose translations of the ayurveda treatises for their studies. These works may not convey the complete hidden meaning of the grantha; many a times they could also mislead the students by misinterpretation. Samskrta is therefore taught as an introductory language to ayurveda students in their curriculum. Basic knowledge of samskrta grammar is mandatory to understand the ayurveda verses without incomprehension. This is an attempt of practical application of samskrta grammatical knowledge on the first chapter of ashtanga hridaya samhita, sootrasthana taken as an illustration.
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Dr. Madhumalathi BV, Dr. VA Chate and Dr. Shreevatsa. Applicability of samskrta vyakarana in readiing ayurveda samhita. International Journal of Sanskrit Research. 2019; 5(6): 27-31.
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