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International Journal of Sanskrit Research

2019, Vol. 5, Issue 5, Part D
Reflection of advaita vedantic thoughts in the kirtanghosa of sankardeva

Dipankor Neog

Kirtanghosa is one of the most popular and important religious book composed by Sankardeva. The Kirtanghosa is a valuable contribution to the literature, religion and ethics. This holy book is considered to be one of the four texts forming the corner stone’s of the teachings of Sankardeva. He composed this book with a view to preaching the principles of ‘Eka-Sarana-Nam Dharma – the religion which appeals for surrender and prayer on the part of devotees to one ultimate reality symbolized as Krishna. A reflection of non- dualistic thought is distinct in the Kirtanghosa and other works of Sankardeva. Sankardeva advocate Ek Sarana (self surrender to the One and to the One alone). ‘Ek Dew, Ek Sew Ek bine nai kew’ (One God, One shelter, non else but one) are the watchwords of his faith. It is monotheism uncompromising. As a matter of fact, different non-dualistic aspects have found in the different places of Kirtanghosa. In many places of Kirtanghosa lays stress on Advaita. Sankardeva suggest the views of abstract monism here. There is no doubt that Sankardeva was greatly influenced by Advaita Vedanta.
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Dipankor Neog. Reflection of advaita vedantic thoughts in the kirtanghosa of sankardeva. International Journal of Sanskrit Research. 2019; 5(5): 175-178.
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